Emergency Stop Signal

Models with vehicle stability assist (VSA) system

Activates when you brake hard while driving at 60 km/h or above to alert drivers behind you about sudden braking by rapidly flashing hazard warning lights. This may help to alert drivers behind you to take appropriate means to avoid a possible collision with your vehicle.

The emergency stop signal is not a system that can prevent a possible rear-end collision caused by your hard braking. It flashes the hazard warning lights at the time you are braking hard. It is always recommended to avoid hard braking unless it is absolutely necessary.

The emergency stop signal does not activate with the hazard warning button pressed in.

If the ABS stops working for a certain period of the during braking, the emergency stop signal may not activate at all.

When the system activates:

The hazard warning lights stop flashing when:

  • You release the brake pedal.
  • The ABS is deactivated.
  • Your vehicle’s decelerating speed becomes moderate.
  • You press the hazard warning button.