Checking the Battery

The battery gives off explosive hydrogen gas during normal operation.
A spark or open flame can cause the battery to explode with enough force to kill or seriously hurt you.
Keep all sparks, open flames, and smoking materials away from the battery.
Wear protective clothing and a face shield, or have a skilled technician do any battery maintenance.
The battery contains sulfuric acid (electrolyte) which is highly corrosive and poisonous.
Getting electrolyte in your eyes or on your skin can cause serious burns. Wear protective clothing and eye protection when working on or near the battery.
Swallowing electrolyte can cause fatal poisoning if immediate action is not taken.
On the battery with test indicator
Check the battery condition monthly. Look at the test indicator window and check the terminals for corrosion.
On the battery without the test indicator

Check the battery condition monthly and check the terminals for corrosion.

Check the battery condition by looking at the fluid level. The upper and lower level marks are shown on the battery case. If the fluid level is below the lower mark, contact a dealer.

All models

If your vehicle’s battery is disconnected or goes dead, the clock resets.

* Not available on all models