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What is Honda Connect?

Presenting Honda Connect. A new, advanced and exciting information platform with a variety ingenious features that run round-the-clock, providing a sense of safety, security and convenience. All this, because to us, you matter the most.

Safety and Security

Honda Connect is designed to make every Honda safer and more secure. Honda Connect comes with a host of features that makes our cars better.


Honda Connect makes your driving experience far more convenient with features like locating your nearest fuel pump, booking a service, keeping a track of your car invoices and much more.


Connected Device is now available for New and Existing Honda Customers for ₹7 999/-*

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for use of Honda Connect application.
Connected car feature is enabled on the Honda connect application only after installation of the "connected device".
“Connected Device” is provided by Minda i Connect Pvt Ltd & marketed by Honda Access India Pvt Ltd. It is available at authorized Honda Dealers only. Please read the “Terms of use” of Minda I-Connect Private Limited carefully to understand, accept and avail services mentioned therein.
*Annual subscription online payment to Minda i Connect Pvt Ltd through Honda connect application is required to start and use connected car features.