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Honda Connect

Connectivity that redifines mobility

Honda connect

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Technology that drives the future


Ensuring environmental responsibility while ensuring driving pleasure.

i-VTEC: High Power + Low Fuel Consumption

Honda connect

i-VTEC regulates the opening of air-fuel intake valves and exhaust valves in accordance with engine speeds.

Valves are wide open for maximum power

e:HEV Powertrain

The e:HEV system cleverly switches between 3 modes to give you high performance and economy with low emissions.


Extending confidence and security

Hondas commitment, "Safety for Everyone" extends beyond drivers to passengers, pedestrians, occupants of other vehicles, and everyone on the road.We are determined to continue developing and refining innovative technologies to realise a safer society with active and passive safety systems.

Honda Sensing

Honda SensingΩ Uses a high performance front camera with a wide-angle, far-reaching detection system to help alert the driver and minimise risk of accidents.

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