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Service Products

Peace of Mind, wherever you go

  • Honda Warranty
  • Road Side Assistance
  • Value Added Services
  • Tyre & Battery

Honda Warranty

Keep the stress of paying for repairs in case of any unfortunate incident away. Pick Honda Warranty and carry your peace of mind, wherever you go.

You can now enhance the standard warranty on your car with the Honda Extended warranty program. You can extend the warranty by one year or two years for a nominal amount, any time before your vehicle crosses the standard warranty period.

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    Road Side Assistance

    Driving is always fun with a Honda vehicle and you can look forward to years of enjoyable driving. However in the unfortunate & unforeseen event of a breakdown or road accidents what you need is immediate help. Our goal is to ensure that you get prompt assistance during such a situation, for which Honda has designed a special programme called the HondaCare Roadside Assistance.

    The cost for the Roadside Assistance package is as follows:

    1 Year Coverage

    RSA Plus : ₹ 2 200*

    RSA Basic : ₹ 1 842*


    2 Year Coverage

    RSA Plus : ₹ 3 700*

    RSA Basic : ₹ 3 054*


    3 Year Coverage

    RSA Plus : ₹ 4 900*

    RSA Basic : ₹ 3 882*


    4 Year Coverage

    RSA Plus : ₹ 5 900*

    RSA Basic : ₹ 4 834*


    5 Year Coverage

    RSA Plus : ₹ 8 000*

    RSA Basic : ₹ 6 314*

    Value Added Services

    These are car renewal and enrichment services to maintain your Honda in a like-new condition. These services are not a part of the Periodic Maintenance of your vehicles, but they help in enhancing the look and feel of the exteriors as well as the interiors of the car.

    Interior Enrichment

      Rodent Repellent Treatment

        Paint Protection

          Wind Screen Treatment

            Underbody Antirust

              Headlight & Tailight Treatment

                Fume Sanitization

                  Tyre & Battery

                  Get Tyres and Batteries of Honda recommended specifications at our dealerships, to ensure a safe and comfortable journey, always and have a seamless experience with the joy of driving.

                  Advantages of this service


                  Proactive Tyre and Battery Care


                  Good Service Support


                  Regular Check-up of tyre and battery


                  Accurate Specifications

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