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  • Genuine Oil
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Honda Genuine Parts

Nothing works better with your Honda

Honda Genuine Parts are at the very core of product quality and vehicle ownership experience.

They are designed and tested to offer durability, reliability and safety to the customers in a long term vehicle ownership. Always use Honda Genuine Parts for repairs on your vehicle to keep it like new, forever.

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • All parts purchased from Honda Dealerships come with a 6 month warranty*

Genuine Part

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Air Filter

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Oil Filter

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Fuel Filter

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Spark Plug

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Wiper Blades

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Brake Disc & Pads

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Clutch Plate

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Head Light

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*Except some Wear and Tear parts

Genuine Oil

A premium quality engine oil tested and developed specifically for your Honda. It conforms to the international specifications designed by our R&D and considers the difficult driving conditions of Indian roads.

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    Anti Rust
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    Fuel Economy


  • 412*/litre

    Petrol Engine Oil (Mineral)

  • 579*/litre

    Petrol Engine Oil (Synthetic)

  • 794*/litre

    Petrol Engine Oil (Synthetic 2.0)

  • 596*/litre

    Diesel Engine Oil (Mineral)

Cabin Air Filter

New Honda Antivirus Cabin Filter

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    Filters out pollutants, debris and allergens

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    Improves your AC life and efficiency

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    Provides you good quality air to breathe

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    Helps to keep your car cabin clean

  • *Terms & conditions apply