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Honda ProCare

Professional, Proactive and Proficient Services

  • Express Service
  • Genuine Parts
  • Cabin Air Filter
  • Genuine Oil

Where We Excel

Professional Service:

  1. Online service booking
  2. Quick Service and Express Body & Paint repairs
  3. Qualified and Skilled dealer manpower

Proactive Service:

  1. Extended Warranty and Anytime Warranty programs
  2. Roadside Assistance program
  3. Honda Care Maintenance Packages
  4. Upcountry camps and service events

Proficient Service:

  1. Fixing it right the first time approach
  2. State-of-the-art tools and equipment
  3. Globally proven Standard Operating Processes
  4. Superior quality of our Honda Genuine parts

Express and Efficient Servicing*

Designed specifically to suit your efficient express servicing needs. Complete Periodic Maintenance jobs conducted in just 3 hours so that your Honda is not away from you for too long.

  • *Services available at select dealerships, please contact your nearest dealer for more information
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Honda Quick Service

  • 3 Hour Service
  • Quick Delivery
  • Comprehensive checkup
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BPXpress Repair

  • 4 hour service
  • Quick Delivery
  • Low cost
  • Perfect job

Honda Genuine Parts

Think Quality

Our Genuine Parts are a core part of the vehicle ownership experience.

They are designed and tested to offer durability, reliability and safety to the customers in a long term vehicle ownership. Always insist on Honda Genuine Parts.

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Durability

Find Parts

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Air Filter

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Oil Filter

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Fuel Filter

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Spark Plug

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Wiper Blades

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Brake Disc & Pads

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Clutch Plate

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Head Light

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Cabin Air Filter

New Honda Antivirus Cabin Filter

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    Filters out pollutants, debris and allergens

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    Improves your AC life and efficiency

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    Provides you good quality air to breathe

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    Helps to keep your car cabin clean

Genuine Oil

A premium quality engine oil tested and developed specifically for your Honda. It conforms to the international specifications designed by our R&D and considers the difficult driving conditions of Indian roads.

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    Anti Rust
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    Fuel Economy


  • 412*/litre

    Petrol Engine Oil (Mineral)

  • 579*/litre

    Petrol Engine Oil (Synthetic)

  • 794*/litre

    Petrol Engine Oil (Synthetic 2.0)

  • 596*/litre

    Diesel Engine Oil (Mineral)