Honda Tech Alexa + Google Assistant Tips and Tricks- Honda Connect

March 16, 2022


Honda Tech Alexa + Google Assistant Tips and Tricks- Honda Connect

With digitalisation kicking in the 21st century, every technology around us is becoming smarter and increasingly efficient. The idea of a connected ecosystem is climbing the charts and its popularity is becoming evident with the significant adoption in the automobile industry. Yes, it is the time of the Connected Car Revolution and it starts with the Next Gen Honda Connect.

Honda Connect - The Next Chapter of Innovation

The Honda Connect app aspires to ease people’s lives and enhance connectivity. It is packed with various state-of-the-art features that keep you connected with your car at all times. This Honda connect makes use of the advanced telematics technology that allows you to control vehicle operations and check tracking status of your car on your smartphone and much more. Moreover, this holistic application brings connectivity to a whole new level for all Honda car owners. It keeps them connected to their cars all the time and complements our vision of easing mobility and their daily lives by creating value.

Many extended features of the Honda connect app have been extended to your home’s comfort. It aids in establishing a vehicle to home connectivity with the Honda Alexa skill and Google Assistant connectivity.

Introducing Honda Tech Alexa + Google Assistant

Car connectivity takes a huge leap with the integration of new age artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like Alexa and Google assistant. The voice-enabled remote compatibility and having an own car assistant is a big technological revolution that raises the bar for supreme connectivity.

The 5th generation of Honda City is India’s first connected car that not only comes with Alexa remote capability but is also compatible with “Ok Google” assistance. Let's explore some ways you can use Alexa for Car or Google assistant car in your very own Honda connected car">Google assistant for the car or Alexa for controlling the car’s AC and door lock over voice commands. Simply say “Ok Google, ask Honda to start my car AC and set temperature to cool” or “Alexa, ask Honda to start my car AC and set temperature to cool” to access the feature.

• Understand the real time status of the car with regard to door lock status, head or tail light status, engine health status, fuel status, tire status, etc. For instance, utter “Ok Google, ask Honda to check my engine status” or “Alexa, ask Honda to check my engine status” to know about your engine's health.

• Find your car with a blink of the eyes and check its location by saying “Ok Google, ask Honda to Find my Car” or “Alexa, ask Honda to Find my Car”.

• Ask Alexa or Google assistant in the car to open the car boot and get tire deflation status. Say “OK Google/Alexa, ask Honda to open the boot’”.

• Say commands like “Ok Google/Alexa, ask Honda to share my Service History” or “Ok Google/Alexa, ask Honda what’s my Pollution expiry date” to check the car service history, RSA, pollution, and insurance dates*.

*Checks validity of RSA, PUC & insurance" is only available on Ok Google and Alexa, if it is maintained in the Honda Connect app by the customer.

Google Assistant Activation

⮚ If you want to activate Google Assistant for your car, then follow the below mentioned steps.

⮚ Download the Honda Connect App and install it on your mobile device.

⮚ Link your Honda Connect App account via Honda Action Google assistant by entering OTP & MPIN.

⮚ Refer to the ‘example utterances’ to get started.

⮚ For remote operations you will be required to set up a 4-digit voice pin for added security and authentication.

No worries if you are a guest user as you can still explore the exciting world of Honda by enabling the skill and then saying “OK Google, Open Honda, and Explore Honda”.

Alexa Car Assistant

In case you are looking forward to use Alexa car assistant or Alexa for car and you are already a Honda connect app user, then follow the below steps -

⮚ Download the Honda Connect App and install it on your mobile device.

⮚ Link the Honda Connect App account with Honda skill in the Amazon Alexa companion app.

⮚ Refer the ‘Example Utterances’ to get started.

⮚ For remote operations you will be required to set up a 4-digit Voice Pin for added security and authentication.

You can also login as a guest user and explore the exciting world of Honda by enabling the skill and then saying “Alexa, Open Honda & explore”.

As mentioned earlier, the Honda Connect App is specifically designed to increase the sense of safety and security among its customers while making their daily lives easier. But how does it manage to pull off these tasks? Well, we are here to help.

Honda Connect - The Connected Car Revolution

Honda Connect is the next step in Honda advanced technology. It is an exciting information technology platform that is equipped with 32 ingenious features including remote operation of air conditioners, safety alerts, live car location, etc. that provides you with a sense of security & safety, convenience, and peace of mind.

Safety & Security

At Honda, safety and security have always been of paramount importance for us. Thus, we made your car and driving experience reliable and safer with the Honda Connect App. Some of the paramount safety features associated with the app includes:

Live Car Location - track the live location of your car at all times from any place.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking - In unfortunate circumstances when your car gets stolen, use the app to track your car every minute. This feature is enabled when you press the “stolen vehicle tracking” button in the help menu.

Geo Fence alert - Set a “geo fence” around your car and get immediate alerts when someone/something breaches it.

Contextual Speeding Alert - Get alerts when the driver exceeds the road speed limits.

Auto Crash Notification - Sends automated SMS alerts to energy contacts whenever airbags are deployed.

Unauthorized Access Alert - Get instant alerts in case someone tries to break into your car without keys.

Apart from making the experience of owning a car safer, the Honda Connect App is intended to make your life easier and way more convenient than before.


We at Honda believe that convenience is of key importance whenever we talk about a Honda connected car. Here are some of the top features which make your everyday drive effortless.

Find My Car - locate your car easily in parking areas with this feature in the app.

Remote Operations - switch AC on\off remotely. However, this feature is limited to CVT models only.

Car Dashboard - Get current status or conditions of AC on/off, fuel, seat belts, etc.

Share Car Location - share your car location with family and friends and get a worry-free driving experience.

Trip Diary - share memories captured during the trip via social media.

Moreover, the Honda Connect App also gives you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy uninterrupted drives.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind and customer satisfaction has always been of prime importance at Honda and this is clearly apparent with the following Honda Connect features.

Tire Deflation Alerts - alert generation in case low pressure in tires is detected. This eventually aids safe trip planning and uninterrupted on-road experiences.

Roadside assistance - connect with Honda road assistance call centre in case of a breakdown and get instant support.

Service Scheduler - book car servicing without any hassles and get your car’s service history details in an instant.

Payment Gateway - pay for scheduled services and policies on the app securely and easily.

Low fuel alerts, battery alerts, malfunction alerts, trip history, etc. are some other features of the Honda connect app that make your drives worriless and tension-free.

For more details on the Honda Connect App and its features, refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” section on or visit Honda Connect. Also, please refer to the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for use of the Honda Connect application.