'Swabhiman' - A Specialized Health initiative for Women by Honda India Foundation


‘Swabhiman’ – A Specialized Health initiative for Women by Honda India Foundation

  • To generate awareness on the issues of reproductive & sexual health covering safe motherhood, child health, family planning, RTI/STI, HIV among adolescent girls and young married women.
  • To sensitize adolescent girls on gender issues through Life Skill Education.
  • To build confidence and assertiveness in adolescent girls and young women to challenge the gender stereotypes to improve their health and social status.
  • To improve health seeking behavior with respect to reproductive and sexual health issues.
    Project Strategy
  • Focus on Awareness, Behavior Change and Attitude Shift of women & adolescent girls.
  • Develop ‘Change Agents’ in community for the sustainability of the project.
  • Address the selected important issues (Anemia, Nutrition, Family Planning, Immunization, Menstrual Hygiene) with pre and post tests and quantitative plus qualitative changes to measure the impact.
  • Work in collaboration with Government to promote relevant schemes and implementation.
    Project impact
  • Reached approximately 21,000 women and adolescent girls through group meetings, one to one counselling, workshops and other Information Education and Communication / Behavior Change communication (IEC/BCC) activities on maternal and child health, menstrual hygiene, nutrition and government schemes and policies.
  • Reached approx. 10,000 adolescent girls and women on menstrual hygiene management through counselling, distribution of sanitary napkins, movie screening, linkage with government schemes.
  • Reached approx. 5,000 beneficiaries on awareness on importance of nutrition for women through, group meetings, one to one counseling and workshop, demo workshop on low cost recipes and Behavior Change Communication Activity on Nutrition and women health
  • Reached approx. 1,000 beneficiaries through Health Fairs including Health Checkup, Info on government schemes and benefits, Referral and counselling, Awareness activities, Participation of stakeholders

‘Swabhiman’, meaning self-respect, Honda India Foundation (HIF) the CSR arm of all Honda India genpos, aims to improve the health seeking behavior among women and adolescents in identified villages of Greater Noida and Tapukara. The program focuses on empowerment of women and adolescent girls from low socio-economic strata of the society & strengthening the existing health infrastructure. The program also identifies adolescent girls and women from the community and develops them into Change Agents, who in turn actively contribute to the community mobilization process.