Interior Convenience Items

Glove Box

Pull the handle to open the glove box.
An open glove box can cause serious injury to your passenger in a crash, even if the passenger is wearing the seat belt.
Always keep the glove box closed while driving.

Console Compartment*

Pull the handle to open the console compartment.

Beverage Holders

Front seat beverage holders

Pull the lid backward to use the front panel beverage holder.

The beverage holder is at the front of each door.


Spilled liquids can damage the upholstery, carpeting, and electrical components in the interior.

Be careful when you are using the beverage holders. Hot liquid can scald you.

Rear seat beverage holders

The beverage holder is at the front of each door.

Accessory Power Socket

The accessory power socket can be used when the ignition switch is in ACCESSORY I or ON II*1.

Accessory power socket on the Instrument panel

Open the cover to use it.

Accessory power socket in the console compartment*

Open the console lid and the cover to use it.

*1:Models with the keyless access system have an ENGINE START/STOP button instead of an ignition switch.


Do not insert an automotive type cigarette lighter element.
The power socket can overheat.

The accessory power socket is designed to supply power for 12 volt DC accessories that are rated 180 watts (15 amps) or less.

To prevent battery drain, only use the power socket with the engine is running.

Coat Hook*

There is a coat hook on the rear left grab handle. Pull it down to use it.
The coat hook is not designed for large or heavy items.

Luggage Area Cover

The luggage area cover may be removed to give you more luggage room.

Do not place items on the luggage area cover, or stack objects higher than the top of the back seat.
They could block your view and be thrown about the vehicle during a crush or sudden stop.

Do not apply excessive pressure to the cover, such as leaning on it to retrieve an item.

To remove the luggage area cover

  1. Open the tailgate.
  2. Remove the strap on each side of the tailgate.
  1. Disengage the support rods, then remove the luggage area cover.

Reverse this procedure to install the luggage area cover.

After reinstalling the luggage area cover, make sure it is latched securely.

* Not available on all models

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