Immobilizer System

The immobilizer system prevents a key that has not been pre-registered from starting the engine. Each key contains electronic transmitters that use electronic signals to verify the key.

Pay attention to the following when inserting the key into the ignition switch or pressing the ENGINE START/STOP button:

  • Do not allow objects that emit strong radio waves near the ignition switch or the ENGINE START/STOP button.
  • Make sure the key is not covered by or touching a metal object.
  • Do not bring a key from another vehicle's immobilizer system near the ignition switch or the ENGINE START/STOP button.

Do not put the key near magnetic items. Electronic device, such as televisions and audio systems emit strong magnetic fields. Note that even a key chain can become magnetic.


Leaving the key in the vehicle can result in theft or accidental movement of the vehicle.
Always take the key with you whenever you leave the vehicle unattended.

Do not alter the system or add other devices to it.
Doing so may damage the system and make your vehicle inoperable.

If the system repeatedly does not recognize the coding of your key, contact your dealer. If you have lost your key and cannot start your engine, contact your dealer.