Audio Remote Controls

Allow you to operate the audio system while driving.

  • SOURCE Button
    Cycles through the audio modes as follows:
    FM→AM→USB/iPod→Bluetooth® Audio→AUX
  • (Volume) Buttons
    Press : To increase the volume.
    Press : To decrease the volume.
    • Buttons
    • When listening to the radio
      Press : To select the next preset radio station.
      Press : To select the previous preset radio station.
      Press and hold : To select the next strong station.
      Press and hold : To select the previous strong station.
    • When listening to an iPod, USB flash drive, or Bluetooth® Audio
      Press : To skip to the next song.
      Press : To go back to the beginning of the current or previous song.
    • When listening to a USB flash drive
      Press and hold : To skip to the next folder.
      Press and hold : To go back to the previous folder.
    Some mode appears only when an appropriate device or medium is used.

    Depending on the Bluetooth® device you connect, some functions may not be operated.

    * Not available on all models

    #For AVN Audio System : Refer AVN Manual

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