Frequently asked questions

Honda Connect (Application Based)

I am unable to download the application/ Could not find on Play Store/ App Store ?

  • Please search with name “Honda Connect” or refer the link available on our website

I have shared a feedback on Honda Connect however no response received.

  • Feedback on H-Connect is objective and only for application. For any concern, please share your concern in detail at or may call back at 1800-113-121/ 011-39898918.

My phone does not support the application- An Error Code… is displayed.

  • Application is only applicable from Android version 4.1/ IOS 7.0. In case your smartphone is below this version of android/IOS, the application cannot be used.

What is SOS? How can I use it.

  • SOS is for your safety in the event of any emergency/breakdown. Please press the icon for 3 seconds and your emergency contacts (if saved) will receive an alert to contact you with your last known location via SMS from your phone.

In my location, only EDGE 2.5G/2G is available and app does not work on it?

  • The application will work on any 2G network also however application performs its best when 3G/4G-LTE network is available.

Sales Consultant did not inform me on any subscription fees?

  • The application is free for a month and post that subscription charges are applicable. You may opt for a yearly plan.

I have made application based service booking, is it confirmed at dealership?

  • The booking is confirmed after 48 hours as per your selected date (which is by default two days in advance) and time (Between 9 AM to 3PM) and our dealership will call a day prior in order to reconfirm the service booking.

How to create “My Profile” in the application?

  • Please click on “=” Navigator tab on top left of the application and select “My Profile”.

Is “My Documents” uploaded on the application safe?

  • Yes, “My Documents" uploaded on the application are safe and no one can access the same.

Is “My Documents” uploaded are viewable even if I change my smartphone?

  • Yes, you can access “My Documents” by logging again with the same id/ password.

What is “PIT Stops” & how does it work ?

  • The app feature requires an active GPRS & GPS on your smartphone to search nearby fuel station & Honda dealership. H Connect will help you with directions to reach nearest fuel station (only for Android 4.1 & above) or Honda dealership.

What is “Notification Bell” on top right of the application?

  • The feature helps you to easily check for any notification for your car. There are two types of notification’s
    (a) Generic- this remind you with next service due date, pollution and insurance and,
    (b) Connected Car- which is based on error alerts/ DTC’s/Impact alert/Battery alerts and if brakes are pressed too hard, for every engine start/stop etc.

How can I download/check my car service history?

  • Please use “MY CARS” option on app main page to view your “Next Service Due Date” and Service History”.

Sales executive informed on a feature of adding due date for my car PUC & Insurance but I am unable to find it anywhere on H-Connect?

  • The feature is available in “MY CARS” option where you can add your car PUC due date & Insurance due date.

As per Trip analysis and your car odometer, mileage am getting is wrong?

  • We have noted your feedback and would arrange assistance on the same through our dealership. Please let us know your preferred dealership.

Will there be any discount on my car insurance as it is an anti-theft device?

  • The anti-theft discount is already provided in Honda Assure. However please let us know your nearest Honda dealership for us to arrange any further information on the query.

How can I unsubscribe from Honda Connect?

  • Please send a request at and the technical team will deactivate your account within 48 hours. Mention your device id number (mentioned on the box & device itself).

How can I register in the application?

  • A user can register in Honda Connect application by following two ways
    a) Navigating to My Profile and filling up the details
    b) By clicking on 'Add a Car' button on the home screen

MAPS takes a lot time to update?

  • First time update takes some time as per the internet connectivity however it will function appropriately after that. Please call us again in case you are facing any difficulty.

How can verify my phone number and Email ID?

  • A user can verify the phone number you will receive an OTP on the phone number entered by you and to verify the mail ID you will receive a verification mail in the Email ID entered by you.

Do I have to register in the application to use ' Pit Stops' and view Honda Products?

  • No , any user can access these functionalities without registering in the Honda Connect application

I am not able to see all services in my Service History.

  • Service History will only be available after the year 2012.

Can I add my car in more than 1 profile?

  • No, do you security reason you cannot add car’s in more than one profile.

Will I get a reminder when my pollution certificate and Insurance is getting expired?

  • Yes, you will get a reminder in 30, 15, 7 and 2 days before expiry for insurance and 7 & 2 days before expiry for pollution certificate.

Can I download the fuel log in my phone?

  • No, currently there is no functionality to download the fuel log in your phone.

What is the function of Emergency contacts and is it mandatory to fill it?

  • Yes, it is mandatory to fill emergency contacts for SOS functionality to work Once you click on SOS button for 3 seconds. An SMS will be sent you emergency contacts with your current location

How many cars can be added to the application?

  • At present the application support up to 10 Honda cars in one application.

Is subscription applicable for both my Honda Cars ?

  • No, both vehicles will have a different subscription charge.

I have changed my Honda Car recently. Can I use the same dongle as it has 6 months subscription validity left?

  • Yes, it can be used in any other Honda Car also.

How can I locate VIN/Engine No. of my car to register in Honda Connect?

  • Easiest way to check the VIN/Engine no. is your car registration documents. However you may refer your car warranty manual, door jamb, bulkhead of the car.

Honda Connect (Device Based)

My car met with an accident however I did not receive any alert?

  • The sensor installed in the dongle senses major impact however please let us know your location and we will arrange an assistance call to you.

I am in location A and unable to track my car?

  • Sir/Madam, the same could be due to your phone network however the last known location available with us.

What are the SIM charges/ monthly subscription fees?

  • The dongle is pre-installed with a Vodafone SIM card (cannot be used in any other device) and subscription charges are ______/ month & _________/ year.

Can I use the device in areas where there is limited connectivity or no connectivity normally?

  • Honda Connected cars feature required an active GPS/GPRS connection on smartphone and on your device. Device & Application with limited or no connectivity cannot perform optimally.

What is the manufacture warranty associated with the dongle?

  • Dongle is warranted by its respective manufacturer (MINDA) for a period of 12 months from the date of sale.

What is the life span & warranty of battery of device?

  • Battery has a normal life span of around 2 years depending on usage however battery is warranted for 12 months only.

I have registered my device immediately after purchasing the car but it is still not giving me any notifications.

  • Device gets activated after 48 hours only.

Is the ‘Connected Cars’ feature compatible with my car?

  • The ‘Connected Cars’ is compatible with any Honda car that has an OBD-II port. That's short for "On-board Diagnostics, version 2. Currently it is provided only for New Cars sold.
Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for use of Honda Connect application.
Connected car feature is enabled on the Honda connect application only after installation of the "connected device".
“Connected Device” is provided by Minda i Connect Pvt Ltd & marketed by Honda Access India Pvt Ltd. It is available at authorized Honda Dealers only. Please read the “Terms of use” of Minda I-Connect Private Limited carefully to understand, accept and avail services mentioned therein.