Cost of Periodic Maintenance

Calculated Service Cost
# Parts Price ()
With Mineral Oil
Price ()
With Synthetic Oil
1 Engine Oil
2 Drain Washer
3 Engine Oil Filter
4 Air Filter
5 Pollen Filter
6 Fuel Filter
7 Spark Plug
8 Brake Fuid
9 Transmission Fluid
10 Engine Coolant
  Total Parts
  Total Labour
  Total Cost
Terms And Conditions:
  • The aforesaid price is only for Periodic Maintenance Service of your vehicles
  • The Total Periodic Maintenance Service Cost is based on information you have provided. This is a tentative amount you will spend for the service, the actual cost will be shared by the dealer. The actual service cost will be as agreed between you and the dealer after the dealer's assessment of your vehicle and repairs carried out on your vehicle.
  • The price of parts and lubricants are at MRP, taxes as applicable on labour will be charged
  • Any Additional items which are not included in Periodic Maintenance Service will be charged extra to you as per the repairs carried out.
  • The data is for models currently on sale except CR-V and Accord Hybrid.
  • The above data is only for Manual Transmission variants currently, please get the quotation from dealership for CVT and Automatic variants.