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    What is the Greater Drive?
    The childlike innocence that knows only good. The experience that turns heads. The disciplined voice. The value of tears. And the power of sweat. They all come naturally to the ones born with the greater drive – you.

    As they come to the all new 4th generation Honda City. Because like you, it smoothly navigates between the very extremes with sheer grace and poise. And that is why it is a reflection of how you feel inside. It is a symbol of your greater drive.
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    A good heart goes a long way
    The City never restricts itself within set boundaries. Because just like you, it too has a brave heart - the new i-DTEC and i-VTEC engines.
    The innovative next-generation technologies from Earth Dreams portfolio enhance the joy of driving by returning the best ever economy numbers while taking care of the environment every time the wheels roll. Now that’s a kind of heart that takes you places.
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    Life is fun when you are free inside.
    Nothing comes close to the feeling of freedom when you think of a great life. And the City, designed on the philosophy of Man-Maximum, Machine-Minimum, has it engrained in its DNA.

    With voluminous cabin space and a legroom that matches the higher segments, it’s a car packaged for comfort. While the rear AC vents add luxury to the experience, ergonomically designed cockpit makes your ride truly enjoyable. So now live life full on!
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